I believe I could not have had a better attorney to assist and prepare me.

Denise assisted me and my agency in an arbitration hearing related to a complex harassment claim. She demonstrated patience, professionalism, and good humor during the hours she spent preparing me and during the hearing. Her knowledge, attention to details, and professional approach were key parts of enabling my agency to win the arbitration. I believe I could not have had a better attorney to assist and prepare me. I highly recommend Denise.” ~AA

Denise is a person of strength and integrity in whom I trust my darkest fears and most valuable assets.

Denise is not your average, usual, stereotypical lawyer. She is a highly skilled and competent Attorney; calm, professional, knowledgeable, genuine, and somehow always available when I need her most urgently. Denise has been my advocate, teacher, therapist and when necessary, cheerleader while working together. But most important, [Denise] is a person of strength and integrity in whom I trust my darkest fears and most valuable assets. I recommend her to anyone seeking outstanding legal counsel.” ~KT

Denise Top is a godsend

Denise Top is a godsend. Finding myself involved in an employment law matter, as soon as I met Denise I knew the case had outstanding and expert legal representation. In addition to Denise’s commanding knowledge of the intricate laws, her professionalism, thoroughness, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and evident prioritization of our case assured me – over many long months -that the case would have the best possible outcome. Employment law cases can weigh heavily on those involved. As soon as Denise became involved in the case, I knew I could trust her expertise implicitly and the weight lifted from my shoulders. Denise provides her clients not only with legal expertise, but with complementary attributes not always found but which are so important to an overall positive experience. Denise is truly one of a kind, and I am so grateful for her representation.” ~LA

I would recommend Denise without reservation

Having a great deal of experience with attorneys, both as plaintiff and defendant, I was especially appreciative of finally finding an attorney like Denise Top. Denise has that rare blend of tough litigant, sharp intellect, and compassionate heart. She is responsive, personable and professional. Denise’s innate understanding of the complex dynamics involved in litigation left me with a strong sense of confidence in the process. Even if we had not had the favorable outcome that we did, I would recommend Denise without reservation.” ~CO

Denise Top is on the top of my speed dial

As the Head of a small school, Denise Top is on the top of my speed dial. Denise has so patiently and effectively guided me through thorny problems that I have increasingly sought her counsel before problems arise. I have recommended Denise to colleagues, and I count her a valuable member of my professional network.” ~JDF

I couldn’t have been luckier

My insurance company referred me to Denise. I couldn’t have been luckier. Denise was punctilious, energetic, understanding, prompt, skillful, knowledgeable, and determined in a pleasant way. I would recommend her to anyone!” ~BNS

She is extremely articulate on the legal landscape

"Denise helped me navigate through a very difficult and challenging chapter in my professional career. She is extremely articulate on the legal landscape, current court decisions, and understands her Clients' positions fully and best possible outcomes...which, in my case, was a very favorable ruling and I will always be grateful I had Denise on my side."  ~SH

She takes each client as a priority

“Denise is an extraordinary attorney. She takes each client as a priority, and she makes each one feel as if it was her only one. I had the pleasure to use her services, and I was always impressed with her professionalism, and the speed of her responses to my inquiries. Denise was able to solve a complicated labor situation at a very fast pace, and with positive outcomes to all parts. She possesses a cordial nature that offers trust to her clients. I would strongly recommend Denise Top to anyone requiring to solve employment legal matters, she is a truly talented attorney.” ~MP

I knew where my case stood at all points in time

“During one of the most difficult and traumatizing periods of my life, Denise was my champion. A lawyer can be many things to one person — a legal advocate, an emotional stalwart, a firm ground when the world feels like its falling apart. Denise was all of that and more. Without her help, I would have fallen completely apart. Denise is extremely hard working, communicative, and diligent. I knew where my case stood at all points in time. I am grateful for her expertise which secured me a powerful and financially generative end to a traumatic time. Thank you Denise -- your effort and skill changed my life, and I will never forget the work you did on my behalf.” -RS

She’s a WARRIOR in every sense of the word!

“There are so many wonderful things I can say about Denise K Top, and what she did for me! It was one of the lowest times of my life. I was lost beat down and broken. Denise was not just a strong advocate for me, she was also my personal cheerleader! She’s a WARRIOR in every sense of the word! she didn’t just win my case she gave me back my will to move forward with strength, grace and my head held high once again.” - KF